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We are a virtual holistic, new thought transcendent way of living and teaching foundation.

Pedro Power Soler, founder of the International Metaphysics Center, book award winning, international bestselling author ordained  interfaith minister from a well-established worldwide non-profit organization, graduated from the University of Metaphysics at Sedona. International medium, healer, counselor, spiritual guide, teacher, transformational coach.

He found himself dropped to his knees when he was blessed with his worst experience of his life. What he soon came to realize was that this “worst time” was turning out to be the BEST time of his life.

On his own words: “I talk about purpose and the meaning of existence because up until now, I was like you. I was the same, normal, average person who passes through life, living it one day at a time without giving much thought to it. I never thought about these things until I underwent a profound experience that changed my life. 

It seems like everything has changed and you can only think about death, like it's just around the corner. If you take a right, you are going to slam right into it. Or if you are sitting in a coffee shop, it will subtly seat itself next to you. At one point, you can only think of reaching the end, instantly and possibly before it's written.

The more I surrendered to the crumbling of my life, and prayed for the guidance, and strength I needed to keep my heart open to this profound and life-changing journey – the more clarity, and blessings appeared!”

His passion is fueled by his own Powerful Near-Death Transformation.  A long, lonely, and arduous journey where he had to face many personal, and professional difficulties. Through these struggles he gradually discovered his authentic TRUTH and Soul transformation.

Pedro’s proven how-to program enables people to discover their true purpose, take control of their life, and harness the forces that will transform their destiny.

His book Transformation from Within is planned for release in 2017. In June of 2016, he became an international bestselling author with the release of the anthology, Pebbles in the Pond (Wave 5), where he was a contributing author.

For information visit Transformation From Within Book

Through his various seminars, events, retreats, and private mentoring programs, Pedro derives great personal satisfaction from helping others to achieve the highest degree of peace-filled daily living.

He resides in beautiful Florida, with his divine partner Ruth, and their dog Princess where he enjoys reading, writing, walking and meditating by the beach, water-riding, etc.




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